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Contrary to recent rumours please note that Old Mill Animal Feeds is open for business!
We have built our reputation over many years and look forward to serving and helping customers for many more.

Old Mill Animal Feeds are an independent pet store, based in Mansfield Woodhouse.

For pets big and small, from horses to fish, we stock high quality products and can help you to find the right food, treat, collar, rug, treatment or bed from our vast range of in-store stock.

We understand that your pet is an important member of the family and as such, they deserve the very best care.

Your pet’s nutrition is extremely important, it can be very difficult to choose from the vast array of products, our expert staff can help you choose suitable options and advise on how to ensure you are feeding the correct foods.

Stockists of

Natures Menu

Natures Menu Blocks 400g

Tripe, Beef, Lamb, Rabbit, Chicken & Lamb, Chicken & Tripe £1.60 each or £18.99 Box of 12
Chicken, Turkey, Beef & Chicken £1.40 each or £16.99 Box of 12
Assorted Blocks 300g £1.25 each or £13.29 Box of 12

Natures Menu Free Flow 2kg

Beef, Lamb, Tripe, Tripe & Chicken £17.75
Chicken, Turkey £5.95

Natures Menu Nuggets 1kg

Natures Menu Nuggets £4.15
Country Hunter Nuggets £5.25
Veggie Boost Nugget £3.85
Fruit & Veg Nuggets £3.90

Southcliffe Pet Foods

Southcliffe Complete 80/10/10 454g

Chicken, Chicken & Pork, Chicken & Salmon, Chicken & Tripe, Turkey, Turkey & Salmon, Turkey & Tripe, Duck, Duck & Tripe, Pork, Pork & Tripe, Oily Fish, 3 Bird Feast or Oily Fish & Tripe £1.20 each

Beef, Beef & Turkey, Beef & Tripe, Beef & Chicken or Surf & Turf £1.30 each

Southcliffe Mince 90/10 454g

Chicken £1.00, Duck £1.15, Turkey £1.20, Tripe £1.20, Beef £1.20, Haddock £1.00

Southcliffe Raw Chunks

Chicken & Salmon, Salmon Chunks or Tripe Chunks £4.99 per bag
Haddock Chunks £5.65 per bag

Southcliffe Frozen Raw Treats (per bag)

Chicken Carcass £1.99
Chicken Feet £3.90
Chicken Necks £4.60
Chicken Wings £4.60
Duck Necks £4.60
Duck Wings £4.60

Lamb Heart £2.40
Marrowbones £3.99
Ox Hearts £2.65
Salmon Chunks £5.25
Salmon Heads £2.40
Sprats £3.15

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